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Europe to take over the MCU market?




There was yet another takeover by a European company of a major MCU provider. This month UK-based Dialog acquired Atmel for $4.6B, while NXP and NXP are busy aligning their organizations. Who is next?

That was another interesting month for corporate news with the revelation that Dialog was acquiring Atmel. Cypress was apparently bidding as well, but the offer eventually expired. The UK-based Dialog valued Atmel at $4.6B. The deal is expected to close in Q1’16.
No product changes this month.

There were no real effect of the acquisition news on prices. The changes were muted and mixed, with SAM4L trending lower and a few ATMEGA325 higher.

Reduced activity this month at Freescale, at least on the product surface. Teams are busy integrating with NXP.

A few prices were up at MKL24 and 25 (~+9%) while the MKE02Z32VLD4 dropped a few %.

Infineon was quiet this month.

Prices were generally down in the low single digit % with a few exceptions for the XMC1202T016, XMC1301T016/038.

Microchip released 85 new part numbers, the DSPIC33EP16GS202/32GS202 as well as the PIC16F1773/LF1773/F1776/LF1776. These are 8-bit MCUs running at 8 MHz and priced around $1.5.

Prices were adjusted for the DSPIC33FJ32MC202 slightly upward.

NXP was very quiet this month on the product front.

Pricewise, there was no significant change.

Renesas released the RX634, a 54MHz RxV2-based group with up to 2 MB Flash and 128 KB RAM, in a 144-pin package. It focuses on the digital home appliances with a HDMI-CEC, and Remote Control Signal Receiver functions. The RX634 can also accomodate industrial motor control applications thank to its multi function timer and 12-bit A/D converter. 6 devices were released from 1 to 2MB of Flash.

There was no price change.

Ah, no product change this month for Silicon Labs.

Slight price adjustments on SiM3U167B (down) and the EFM8BB21F16 (up).

No product change this month.

No price change this month.

ST Microelectronics
ST released this month mostly higher temperature version of existing products. Of interest is the F7 (Cortex-M7 based). 5 devices got their max temperature bumped to 105C.

There were some price changes for the L15x at distry, with no clear up or down pattern.

Texas Instruments
TI released a new variation of the MSP430F67xx, a 25 MHz device with LCD support.
The Delfino (TMS320C2837x) saw 7 new products appear with dual C28x cores. These target heavy processing for control applications. TI has a complete development package for digital power and industrial drive to support this segment.

No price changes this month for TI beyond a few parts at disty.

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