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Semiconductor Products Insight

It’s already spring!




This was already spring time for new products that sprouted out like blue bonnets in Texas! ST fired the opening salvo low to the ground with the STM32L0x1 – a sub-dollar series – and into the sky with the STM32F7. Nuvoton put its Cortex-M4 into production while NXP and Infineon added new strings to their bow. Renesas, not to be left behind announced new motor control products and a low end RX230. If you need to make sense of all this, please contact us on twitter or just here.

There were 41 new products at Atmel in the 3N, D, E7 and S7 families. The SAM3N got new parts that can be found at the ditribution, but not on the Atmel site, namely the ATSAM3N2 and 4. These are 128/256 kB Flash variants of the N3. The D10 got a new WLCSP package (ATSAMD10D14A-UUT) while the D20 got BGA (-CN parts). The E70 added VFBGA (-CFN) and thw E70 VQFN and VFBGA (-MN and -CFN respectively).
It was also interesting to see the V70 and V71 portfolios lose the QFN options.
There were no changes for AVR-based MCUs.
Infineon modestly launched the XMC4300, a lower end Ether-cat based 144MHz Cortex-M4 family. There were only 2 part numbers released with 2 temperature grades: -40 to +85C and -40 to +125C.
Microchip was in a pruning mode this month with 14 part numbers removed, from one DSPIC33FJ to 9 PIC16F/LF parts and a few others.
Beyond a few datasheet updates, Nuvoton had all its M451/2/3 families getting into full production. Expect more competition on the Chinese market.
There were a couple dozen new parts at NXP on the LPC side. We are seeing more of these mysterious parts for the LPC18 familes, with /CP33xx suffixes as well as the launch of the LPC40xx. The latter is a 120MHz, 85C, Cortex-M4 based family with 64 or 512kB of Flash with USB FS Host/Device. Compared to the other devices in the LPC4 realm, it features a single core and lower frequency and Flash size – except for the Flashless LPC43xx.
Renesas has strenghtned its motor control portfolio with no less than 64 additional RX62T and RX63T more than doubling the previous part count. These were mostly +105C versions. It also launched the RX230 a de-featured general purpose RX231 with no USB/CAN and SD card interface for the low cost general purpose market, in all 24 parts.
On the RL78 front there were 4 new R5F11C products part of the application specific RL78/I1x family.
Silicon Labs was quiet this month
Spansion was quiet this month.
ST Microelectronics
ST has a festival of new products this month with no less than 141 part numbers from the high end to the low power type. Starting with the high end, ST beefed up its Cortex-M7 portfolio with 17 new products, adding new packages to the lower en 745 and 746, creating the F7x7 and F7x9 families with JPEG codec and MIPI DSI interfaces.
On the low power high performance STM32L4, 33 products appeared to cover the lower end with lower flash densities and/or no USB connectivity.
Finally, on the ultra low end, there was a nice push with the addition or 85 products, most of which were focused on less-featured parts – no DAC, touch, segment LCD or RNG. The lowest price point on the L0 family is now set at USD 0.587/10ku for the STM32L11D3P6, a 32MHz Cortex-M0+ with 8/2/0.5kB of Flash/RAM/EEPROM and a 12-bit ADC.
Texas Instruments
TI was quiet this month on the MSP430, Tiva and C28 fronts.
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