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A slow back to school




The summer is now over and it’s been a slow start so far with only a few changes at ST in the low end STM32G03x/G04x as well as at Nuvoton in the M480 series. Microchip has new Extended Flash Performance parts on the ATSAM and is also pushing out more VAO (Automotive grade) parts. Happy back to school.

No change.
No change.
We are encountering a number of missing parts on the website (e.g. we are not able to see ordering parts here: There are also a number of VAO parts (Automotive grade) as well as EFT (Extended Flash Performance) parts, mostly in the ATSAM families, albeit with no description of the feature.
No change.
Nuvoton added a few variants to the existing M480 series, based on a 192MHz Cortex-M4F core. The series extends toward the lower end with 256kB of Flash with 12 parts.
NXP added WLCSP 49 packages to its dual core (Cortex-M4 + Cortex-M0+), 100MHz LPC541xx family.
Renesas added more to its RX66T group, a 160 MHz 32-bit RXv3 based MCU optimized for motor control applications. The same happened to the RX24T with 10 parts including higher temperature grade.
SiLabs released 3 -40 to 125C parts in the blue gecko family (EFR32BG).
Spansion/Cypress soon Infineon
No significant changes.
ST Microelectronics
ST beefed up its STM32G0xx series by expanding to the low end with the STM32G03x and the G04x below 64/8 kB of Flash/RAM. ST promises to indulge us with 512/144 kB of Flash/RAM by H2/2020. What prompted to disclose that portfolio about a year ahead of release?
Texas Instruments
No significant change this month.
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