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What’s up with Bluetooth?




Bluetooth continue to lead the headlines in the MCU world this spring with Nordic Semiconductor launching the nRF5340 multi-protocol SoC, a dual core Cortex-M33 (network / application), with a low 2.6mA (@1Mbps RX) power consumption, an aggressive number given the dual core Cortex-M33. TI also announced the CC2642R-Q1, an AEC-Q100 (automotive) compliant BT 5.1 SoC.
Get ready for your favorite connectivity or IoT application!
Meanwhile, ST is trying new combinations of frequency and memory with the STM32H7A/B pairing a relatively low (280MHz) pace and high memory (up to 1.4MB of RAM and 2MB of Flash).

No change.
A handful of products got rev2 silicon in the XMC13, XMC42 and XMC44 series.
Microchip released close to 80 variants of the dsPIC33CK and CH families with +125C max temp and new packages. Also, the ATMEGA480x/PIC16/18 got a few additional automotive grade variants (VAO extension).
Nordic released the nRF5340 family (only one product for now, the nRF5340-QKAA), a dual-Cortex-M33 (application and network) Bluetooth 5.2 SoC supporting Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, Thread and Zigbee.

The application core has 1024/512kB Flash/RAM, a FPU, 8 kB cache and DSP instructions while the network one is optimized for low power and efficiency (101 CoreMark/mA) with 256/64kB Flash/RAM.

The Cortex-M33 provides trusted execution, root-of-trust and secure key storage security features.
The nRF5340 supports Bluetooth Low Energy with all AoA and AoD roles in Bluetooth Direction Finding, in addition Bluetooth Long Range and 2 Mbps. Mesh protocols like Bluetooth mesh, Thread and Zigbee can be run concurrently with Bluetooth LE. NFC, ANT, 802.15.4 and 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols are also supported.
Nuvoton introduced 17 new variants of existing products in the NUC029, NUC220, M48 families.
NXP added the K32L2Ax to complement the K32L2Bx with hardware crypto accelerators, 4 products were added.
No significant changes.

No change.

Spansion/Cypress soon Infineon
No significant change.
ST Microelectronics
ST released the single-core 280 MHz Cortex-M7 STM32H7A/B lines. These are focused on lower frequency than other products in the STM32H7 series while keeping large amounts of memory and lowering the idle power consumption tenfold to 32uA with 1.4MB of active RAM. The STM32H7B adds crypto functions.
Texas Instruments
TI added the MSP430G2x55 series, a low-power mixed signal MCU with up to 32 I/O touch-sense-enabled pins, a versatile analog comparator, and USB.
On the Bluetooth front, TI announced the SimpleLink CC2642R-Q1 device, an AEC-Q100 compliant BTLE MCU for automotive applications. Applications include passive entry passive start (PEPS) and remote keyless entry (RKE), battery management systems (BMS), car sharing, piloted parking, cable replacement, and smartphone connectivity.
Key features include:

      Bluetooth 5.1: LE Coded PHYs (Long Range), LE 2-Mbit PHY (High Speed), Advertising Extensions, Multiple Advertisement Sets, CSA#2
      Fully-qualified Bluetooth 5.1 software protocol stack
      AEC-Q100 qualified at –40 °C to +105 °C, in a 7x7mm VQFN package with wettable flanks
      Sensitivity -105 dBm for 125-kbps LE Coded PHY
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