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Semiconductor Products Insight

A quiet month for once?




It’s been a relatively quiet month with main events centering on new parts at Renesas RX64M and improved RF performance and crypto for Nordic’s nRF52840 multi protocol MCU.

ATTINY8 and 16 got a few parts while the ATSAME/S70 added revision B of the silicon and one more V70 part got the VAO treatment (automotive grade).
No change.
No change.
The DSPIC33EP128GS702 was removed and a few more VAO parts came out for the other DSPIC33EP128 as well as for the PIC12 and PIC16, 9 parts overall. 14 new PIC18F24Q/25Q appeared adding to the 350 existing ones of the same family.
Nordic released a new revision of its nRF52840 using ARM CryptoCell 310 (and its middleware) and an improved performance in TX and RX consumption.
No change.
It looks like the MKS22 is now being removed from the US site, it does appear in the general search but not in the product selector.
Renesas added close to 50 part numbers to its high performance RX64M group running at 120 MHz with Flash memory ranging from 2 to 4MB.
There was a change in nomenclature on the EFM8UB family. The parts now have the package type and pin count as a suffix. The SIM3L157/167 have been retired from the product list as they have been EOL for a while.
Cypress launched the PSoC4 4100PS with 12 products. The 4100PS is based on a Cortex-M0+ with 32/4kB Flash/SRAM and includes capacitive sensing, segment LCD support and operates from a 1.71-5.5V supply.
On the PSoC6, we have lost the PSoC 61, CY8C61xxBZI-Fx4, 7 parts in all.
ST Microelectronics
STM32 had only minor changes.
Texas Instruments
TI launched the MSP430FR21/23 family with 23 PNs in the value line to target the industrial market with extended temperature range (-40 to 105C). The family has a MSP430 core running at up to 24MHz with up to 32kB of FRAM.
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