Semiconductor Products Insight

Semiconductor Products Insight

Keremi Competitive Intelligence Gives You an Edge

More efficiency

  • Stop wasting hours on tedious data gathering, reformatting and merging

  • Access the latest internal and competitor product data from a single application and export results to Excel and PowerPoint in seconds

  • Share product information across the organization more quickly and easily

Better analysis

  • Keep product information constantly up to date

  • Create custom roadmaps and view products from a new perspective

  • For Semiconductor manufacturers: compare your products with your competition so you can refine your value proposition and differentiation
  • For companies using semiconductors: select the best parts at the best price for your application

Keremi Supports Teams Across the Organization

Marketing / Product & Portfolio Managers

  • Product data is organized and always up to date
  • Create standard roadmaps in seconds
  • Quick and easy side-by-side comparisons with your competitors

Strategy / Competitive intelligence

  • Access to a mountain of internal and external data to slice and dice at will


  • Quickly compare internal products to your competition


  • Monitor internal product schedules and performance against the competition


  • Contribute benchmarks and technical analysis and share with internal subscribers

Marketing Communications and Analyst Relations

  • Design roadmap views in seconds and create targeted positioning