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Christmas gifts from ST




ST delivered on its promise to spoil us before Christmas and boy they did. A new STM32L5 series brings us highly secure Cortex-M33 devices while less than $0.5 will buy you a low power STM32L0x0. The MCU kids will be happy.

A handful of Cortex-M products got their AEQ-Q100 certification grade 2 (-40 to 105C), the famous VAO suffix. An additional 70 Cortex-M parts with +125C max temperature are now part of the portfolio.
No change.
No change.
Microchip added another 20 parts to dsPIC33CK to its porfolio of DSCs. These are 100MHz single core MCUs with 32/8 to 256/24kB of Flash/RAM. More VAO (AEC-Q100) parts were added too in the PIC16/18F families as well as a handful of dsPIC33EP parts.
No change.
Nuvoton added 2 parts to the NUC029, adding a QFN package.
No change.
Renesas removed 14 parts from the Rx130 family.
SiLabs added 5 part numbers to the existing Happy Gecko wireless family, adding 7dBm to the max TX power of existing devices or tweaking the sensitivity.
Cypress gave birth to over 30 new parts in the PSoC4 and PSoC6 families while obsoleting over 440 part numbers in the FM3 family (Cortex-M3) now exclusively composed of CY9 parts.
ST Microelectronics
ST had a firework of announcements over the past weeks with two new major families:
The STM32F0x0, expanding the portfolio to the lower end of the spectrum
The STM32L55 bringing an extra layer of security with ARM TrustZone and a number of security features.
Here are the details:

  • STM32L0x0 Value Line

    low cost/low power 32MHz Cortex-M0+, from 16/2 to 128/20kB of Flash/RAM and 128/256 or 512-Byte EEPROM. The Value Line integrates a low poer UART, timer, 41µA 10ksample/s ADC and a 670nA power-down current with RTC and RAM retention. It starts at $0.44/10ku and $0.32/high-volume orders.

  • STM32L5 series
    The new STM32L5 series is based on a 110MHz Cortex-M33 core with security features including ARM TrustZone, flexible software isolation, secure boot, key storage, special read-out and write protection for integrated SRAM and Flash, hardware cryptographic accelerators with AES 128/256-bit key hardware acceleration, private key acceleration (PKA), and AES-128 On-The-Fly Decryption (OTFDEC) to protect external code or data. Active tamper detection and support for secure firmware install are also included
    The STM32L5 consumes 33nA in shutdown mode and reaches one of the best ULPMark-CP in the EEMBC ULPBench,
    Peripherals include CAN FD, USB-C, and USB Power Delivery.

    STM32L5-series microcontrollers are sampling now and scheduled to begin production in Q2 2019 with -40°C+85°C and extended -40°C+125°C temperature ranges. No price was given.

Texas Instruments
TI beefed up their wireless portfolio in the simple link family, with with a handful of Cortex-M4 sub-GHz CC1312F3 and CC1352 (adds 2.4GHz support).
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