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MCU product monthly update




Here is our update on the ARM Cortex-M MCU families.
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After the slew of new products (including the 2MB flash M4 , here) introduced last month, the product introduction cycle has cooled off.

New products continue to be introduced (e.g. MK10DNxxx, MK20DNxxx, MK40DN/DXxxx, MK51DXxxx, MK60DNxxx) while the prototype ones are being retired (e.g. PK51xxx).

A number of updated specifications have shown up with small changes along the line.
The LPC4333 and LPC4337 specs are now available.

A number of products appeared mostly from the R5F563 family (>70 products).

ST Microelectronics

The STM32F3 family that was announced last month (see here, from $2.54/128kB Flash to $3.86/256kB flash) now has specifications available.
The STM32F050 seems to have disappeared. The F050 is (was?) as de-featured F051 with 4kB of RAM and no DAC and, in general, fewer peripherals.

Texas Instruments
No major spec changes.

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