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Semiconductor Products Insight

New coverage: SAM D20 and SiliconLabs SiM3




Welcome to the last update of the year!

With the ramp down of the year and festivities approaching fast,
we are not seeing the heavy announcements from last month but more tweaks to existing portfolios.


We are adding the SAM D20 to our portfolio this month with 60 products. The Cortex M0+-based SAM D20 is a low end 16-256kB Flash MCU designed for industrial and consumer applications. The D20 starts at $1.02 for 1ku of the 16KB Flash 32 pin package.



A few new products in the K20- USB MCUfamily (USB, 50MHz) went public this month:

  • PK21DN512VMB5
  • PK21DX256VMB5
  • PK22DN512VLH5
  • PK22DN512VLK5
  • PK22DN512VMB5
  • PK22DX256VLF5
  • PK22DX256VLH5
  • PK22DX256VLK5
  • PK22DX256VMB5


NXP sparingly expanded its portfolio this month in the LPC11E and U familes (Cortex-M0 50MHz)

NXP touts the software-driven I/O Handler as well as “Software libraries available for the I/O Handler include I2S, I2C, UART, CRC, threshold ADC conversion, and DMA functionality.”

  • LPC11E37HFBD64/401
  • LPC11U14FHN33F
  • LPC11U24UK
  • LPC11U37HFBD64/401
  • LPC11U67JBD48
  • LPC11U68JBD100
  • LPC11U68JBD64


After a fury of activities last month, Renesas EEG is virtually flat with no product or price change sighted.



We are initiating our coverage of the Precision 32 SiM3 family. It is composed of 3 groups (48 devices total):

It will be interesting to see how both the SiM3 and the recently acquired EFM32 will evolve, knowing there is some good level of overlap.

ST Microelectronics

ST introduced 5 new products this month, all higher temp (-40 +105C) versions of existing products:

  • STM32F051C6T7
  • STM32F205VET7
  • STM32F302RBT7
  • STM32F303RBT7
  • STM32F407IGT7

At the same time, 12 products were removed, all with the A suffix (non-optimized die) signifying the end of the first batches of these products. The products affected were in the STM32L151 and 152 families.

Texas Instruments

9 new products emerged this month in the Tiva camp with one in the C129 family (Ethernet PHY), the XM4C129ENCPDTI2.

On the MSP430 side, 4 products emerged: MSP430TCH5EPW, MSP430TCH5EPWR, MSP430TCH5ERHBR and MSP430TCH5ERHBT.

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