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Semiconductor Products Insight

a slow graduation month? not quite!




While the new product buzz wore off at Freescale and ST, we are now seeing more activity at Renesas with new RL78 parts and TI MSP430. NXP seems to initiate a move away from the Cortex-M0 in favor of the more power efficient Cortex-M0+. Finally, ST had a few adjustments with secret part nomenclatures and rev A parts that consume more power…



Atmel has been pretty quiet this past month, with no new products. Details are still sketchy on the SAMD10 and D11 (Cortex-M0+ 48MHz), but they should be close to having samples available (stated Q2 in their Feb 2014 announcement).


The cool off period for Freescale continues with a stable portfolio of 578 products.


In the low-end, NXP is now shifting its portfolio away from M0 and moving on to Cortex-M0+, the so called revision r0p1 includes 7 products in the 50 MHz LPC11U (USB) and LPC11E, adding new LQFP packages for existing parts (the last digits represent the pin count):

  • LPC11E66JBD48
  • LPC11E67JBD64
  • LPC11E67JBD100
  • LPC11E68JBD48
  • LPC11U66JBD48
  • LPC11U67JBD64
  • LPC11U67JBD100


Renesas showed some movement in the RL78 family with 18 new products, all 24MHz, with I2C, ADC and UART but no USB or LCD support, no price given yet and we could not find any announcement either. It doubles the portfolio of the R5F10R family.

  • R5F10RB8GFP
  • R5F10RF8GFP
  • R5F10RG8GFB
  • R5F10RJ8GFA
  • R5F10RB8GFP



Desperately no moves at SLAB, this will be one year this month since the acquisition of Energy Micro last year.
The portfolio price (EFM and SiM3) is stable this month.

ST Microelectronics

Ha, ST shows no signs of stopping for the month of May which is traditionally slow in France. Apart from TR suffixes (tape and reel packing) that were added, there were new parts introduced

    • STM32F205RET7: +105C version of the 205RET6
    • STM32L051K8U6TR: 64kB Flash, 32 MHz Cortex M0+
    • STM32L052K6U6TR: Adds a DAC to the 51, 32 kB of Flash
    • STM32L151CCT6J: the specific J extension is not described in the nomenclature (only D for different voltages supplies exists no J)

Below are rev A of existing parts. A look at the datasheets shows no significant differences except for the power consumption. Curiously the run mode consumption goes from 185uA/MHz for the regular parts to 230uA/MHz for the A parts.

  • STM32L162RCT6A: Cortex-M3 32 MHz USB, LQFP 64
  • STM32L162VCT6A: same with 100 pins

Texas Instruments

Tiva kept quiet this month, while TI released 75 new MSP430 products in a few families:

  • MSP430FR58/9: 16MHz, 38-48 pins, FRAM from 32 to 64 kB – 65 products
  • MSP430F67791: 25MHz, 100 pins, 512 kB Flash, Metering solution – 2 products
  • MSP430G2202 : 16MHz, 14-20 pins, 2 kB Flash, capacitive touch – 7 products
  • RF430F5978 : 20MHz, 64 pins, 32 kB Flash, RF PHY sub 1GHz – 1 product
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