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We are not the only ones to rejoice in the launch of new families. The cutest of the bunch is SiliconLabs’ Happy Gecko, a Cortex-M0+ 24MHz targeting the USB-powered devices with a surprise, see below.
Renesas also wants a piece of the fun with the RX23T, a 40MHz RXv2 number cruncher MCU family with an FPU to tackle inverter control systems for DC motor control and home appliances.

After unveiling 20 new SAM L devices last month, the activity has tapered down to 0 on the product front. No change this month, folks.

On the price front, no significant changes happened.

FSL released 8 new part numbers to create the MKL13 and MKL33 families.

2 products experienced close to 10% price increase: MK22FN512VMP12 and the MKM34Z128ACLL5. Prices at distribution were generally down at MK22, MKE02, MKL17/27.

NXP was very quiet this month on the product front following the acquisition of Freescale.

Pricewise, there was no change.

Renesas announced the new RX23T family focused on inverter control systems. The RXv2 parts include a single-precision FPU, supports 5V peripherals, and sports a 4 CoreMark/MHz score. The family range from 64 to 128 kB of Flash, 48LFQFP to 64LFQFP and max temperature from 85 to 105C. Samples are available now. The R5F523T3ADFL with 64kB of Flash, 48LFQFP is priced at US$1.25/10k. 12 devices were made public.

There was no change in the RL78 family.

RX1114/5 were hit by a 7-9% decrease while some RX1136 were down in excess of

At last, Silicon Labs announced a new Gecko family, the cutest one of the bunch: the Happy Gecko. 19 products made it out. The focus is on low power USB connected devices. The 24MHz Cortex-M0+ embeds up to 64/8 kB of Flash/RAM in 4 different packages from QFP-48 to QFN-32/24 and CSP-36 (3mmx3mm). The emphasis is on low power with 53uA/MHz in sleep mode and up to 131uA/MHz in run from Flash.
Interestingly, 8 of the devices do not have a USB port, a tad surprising for a family whose main page title is “EFM32™ Happy Gecko USB-enabled 32-bit Microcontroller”. Have we missed anything? Or is the marketing just stretching the words?
Still, when you choose the right parts, you get a USB MAC and PHY, all cristal-less.
Prices range from $1.09 to $1.85 10ku at distributors.

No price changes.

ST Microelectronics
As usual at ST, there is always a trickle of product changes. This month we see new packages options on the low end STM32F051/58, higher temp for the STM32F091RCH and the STM32F439IIH.

ST price changes were insignificant.

Texas Instruments
No further changes for TI on the MSP432 Cortex-M4 family announced alst month, but we saw 65 new parts in the MSP430FR (FRAM) family, primarily in the FR58/59, and 68/69 areas.

No price changes this month for TI MSP and Tiva.

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