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A summer avalanche in France




Climate change is upon us, with an avalanche of new MCU coming from the Grenoble region in France in the middle of the summer… ST has released no less than 100 new STM32G4xxx products, and also a multicore Cortex-M7+Cortex-M4, impressive. IFX is acquiring Cypress semiconductor to secure its stronghold in the automotive market. Enjoy the wild ride.

No change.
Infineon follows their strategy of small protfolio of targeted products. The XMCXXXXSC devices are members of the XMC1000 Family of microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M0 processor core. The XMCXXXXSC series addresses the real-time control needs of wireless power systems. The XMC6521SC-Q040X is a Qi single coil 15W inductive MP-A11 desktop transmitter.
Ah, also, Infineon is set to acquire Cypress, below…
There were a few updates, and an interesting option for the ATSAM11, the Securely Key Provisioned (KPH extension) with the key being provisioned using Root of Trust flow. The
Security Software Framework uses Kinibi-M™ Software Development Kit (SDK).
No change.
No change.
No significant change.
Renesas added more to its portfolio of RX72T, a 32-bit RXv3 based MCU optimized for motor control applications. It also launched the RX72M Group, focused on industrial network solutions, with 16 products. The RX72M Group uses the RXv3 core at 240MHz with double-precision FP, an EtherCAT slave and Flash/SRAM up to 4MB/1MB. The group also supports up to WVGA TFT LCD display.
No change this month after the launch of the Gecko 2 earlier this year.
Spansion/Cypress soon Infineon
Cypress continues to move its part names to its standard CYxxxx nomenclature. Well, expect more part name changes as the acquisition of Cypress by Infineon nears completion.
ST Microelectronics
What a month, with no less than 174 new products on the ST website. Let’s decompose…
ST launched the STM32G4, focused on mixed signal with DSP and FPU instructions.
The series runs a Cortex-M4 at 170 MHz and hardware accelerators: ART, CCM-SRAM routine booster and math accelerators. It adds analog peripherals (comparator, op-amps, DAC) a 16-bit ADC, a High-resolution timer, USB-C with Power Delivery + PHY and AES hardware encryption.
The series splits into 3 product lines:

  • STM32G4x1 Access line: GP MCU with an entry level set of analog peripherals
  • STM32G4x3 Performance line: GP MCU with enhanced analog peripherals
  • STM32G4x4 Hi-resolution line: high-resolution timer (184ps) and complex waveform builder plus event handler (HRTIM) for digital power conversion, such as digital switched-mode power supplies, lighting, welding, solar and wireless charging

Package options are LQPF32/48/64/80/100/128, UFBGA100, WLCSP64/81, UQFN32/48 for devices with 32 up to 512 Kbytes of Flash memory. Prices start right below $2 @ 10k (STM32G431K8T6)
and temperature range spans from -40 to +85C or +125C.
It reminds us of the Renesas RX72T that was announced last month with a very similar set of peripherals, including the high resolution timer to tackle precision digital control.

ST allow muscled up its STM32H7 series with the addition of 55 new products. A few sprinkles for the H742/3, mostly tray and packages variations appeared. But we got to see the new H745/H755 (+crypto) twins that incorporate a 240MHz Cortex-M4 core on top of the 480MHz Cortex-M7! Now, throw in a MIPI-DSI interface into the mix and you have the H747/H757. Engineers will have fun programming these beasts, powering new graphic applications.

Texas Instruments
No significant change this month.
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