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Renesas double down on Cortex-M




Renesas gave us a nice surprise this month with an ultra-low power family – the Renesas RE, beating the leaders in their category. The Cortex-M0+ based family leaks less than 1/2 microwatt in standby mode.
Interestingly, the high-end RE01 1500KB group will have the largest Flash memory – 1,536 kB – on the market paired with a Cortex-M0+. We are looking forward to see pricing on an interesting combination.

No change.
No change.
Microchip had close to 300 new products this month all across the board: ATSAME and ATSAMS (Cortex-M), ATTiny (8-bit), AVR64(new)/128 (8-bit), DSPIC33CK, PIC16/24 (16-bit) and PIC32MZ.
No change.
No change.
NXP introduced a HVQFN package for the MKE14/5 family.
There was a nice surprise this months at Renesas.
In the RL78 family, the RL78/G1M got 8 new parts – that wasn’t the surprise…
Renesas is doubling down on its investment in Cortex-M with the RE Family.
Based on the Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide (SOTB™ ) process technology it apparently optimizes current consumption in active, standby and high speed modes at low voltage (1.62V). The EEMBC ULPMark-CP is quite impressive at 705, well ahead of Ambiq Micro APOLLO512-KBR and STMicro’s STM32L412.

The unique RE0 series uses a 64MHz Cortex-M0+ core with 25-35uA/MHz operating current (400-500nA at standby) and embeds a 14-bit ADC, either 256 or 1,536 kB of Flash, security functions (Trusted Secure IP), MIP-LCD parallel interface, and 2D-graphics engine for the high-end parts.
The RE Family targets the markets of hybrid watch, smart home/building, healthcare, smart agriculture, structure monitoring, and trackers.
No price yet announced.

No changes.

Spansion/Cypress soon Infineon
Cypress added 7 variants to the existing CY8C6145.
ST Microelectronics
ST unveiled two dozen new products across the board, mostly new pin/package and flash size combinations.
Texas Instruments
TI was quiet this month.
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