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Keremi expands scope




It is a lonnng summer with most (little) activity coming from Atmel. Actually, we do have great news!
Keremi expands its scope and will track 5 more MCU companies totaling 10+ families.


Keremi adds Infineon XMC, Nuvoton Cortex-M, Spansion FMx and Toshiba Cortex-M based MCUs to its list of channels as well as Microchip. Current companies are expanded to include ST STM8, Silicon Labs EFM8, as well as Atmel AVR32 and 8051.

Starting in September, we will provide updates on these new channels through our newsletter, stay tuned.


Apart from rumors of acquisitions, it looks like this month, Atmel is releasing the production version of the ATSAM21L (device variant B in the Atmel jargon). The SAML21 is a 48MHz low power Cortex M0+ MCU with 32 to 256k of Flash and 6 to 40 kB of RAM. The L21 supports a touch controller and USB host.
Also note a new package for the S70 (Cortex-M7 300MHz), an LFBGA 144 for 105C.

On the price side, we had a negative color at disty on the SAM D and SAM4L families. A few brighter spots shone for the S70 and 4E albeit in the low single digit.


Long summer for the products. Nothing to declare this month, but…

Freescale revised its price list heavily. Let’s start with the dogs: MKL03 was realigned down 20 to 25%, while the MLK33 fared as low as -30%. There were also some hot selling cakes like the MKL14/15 shooting up 15 to 55%.


NXP was very quiet this month on the product front following the acquisition of Freescale.
Pricewise, there was no significant change.


Renesas released 17 variants of the Rl78/G13 with new packages.
The news is the RL78/G1D with Bluetooth Low Energy, 128 to 256kB Flash in a WQFN package. The device embeds a 2.4 GHz RF that supports BLE 4.1 in single mode.

There was no price change.


Ah, no product change this month for Silicon Labs.

The not so Happy Gecko took a little price hit this month with most devices below -5% and a few around +1%.

ST Microelectronics

Light changes at ST this month with merely tape and reel and increased temp versions of existing products.
The L476 and L486 got new packages.

No significant price changes.

Texas Instruments

Very quiet at TI this month. The MSP432 is now in production.
No price changes this month for TI beyond a few parts at disty.

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