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Summer clean up




Microchip is cleaning up its portfolio of MCU products, the largest in the industry with more than 13,000 part numbers. At the same time, Silicon Labs and TI expand their wireless and low-cost portfolios.

No significant change.
Microchip had a pretty severe cleanup this month, with over a thousand products only accessible through a search or being removed completely. About 80% of parts were in the dsPIC30F dsPIC33FJ families, and the rest with ATTiny 13 and PIC24FJ/HJ.
No change.
No change.
No change.
Renesas beefed up the RL78 F12/F14/F15 and D1A families, for the automotive market and G15 for the GP market. 400+ part numbers were released.
240 products were added.
9 new products were released this month in the EFR32BG27 and EFR32MG27 families.
The EFR32BG27 offers a WLCSP package (2.3 mm x 2.6 mm) capable of running on button cell batteries. It is a Bluetooth 5.x device with an integrated DCDC boost that allows operation down to 0.8 volts, enabling support for single-cell alkaline and 1.5-volt button cell batteries that are typically used in medical applications for battery-operated patches and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. The wakeup pin allows products in a warehouse or transit to remain off for months, consuming less than 20 nA, ensuring the battery remains fully charged for use. The integrated coulomb counter enables accurate battery level monitoring to avoid unexpected battery depletion for critical applications. Target applications include connected medical devices, wearables, sensors, switches, smart locks, and both commercial and LED lighting.
The EFR32MG27 expands the BG27 into Zigbee and proprietary protocols.
The power figures for both are top of the line with 3.6 mA RX current (1 Mbps GFSK) and 4.1 mA TX current @ 0 dBm output power.
ST Microelectronics
ST had no significant changes.
Texas Instruments
TI expanded its portfolio of ultra low cost MSPM0L/G with 14 new devices, 2 in the MSPM0L11xx, 10 in the MSPM0L13xx and 2 in the XMSM0G35xx families. As a reminder, these are ultra low cost Cortex-M0+ running at 32 MHz. The porfolio starts at $0.38/1ku with 16kB/2kB of Flash/RAM, 2 UART, 2 I2C, 1 SPI and a temperature range of -40 to 125C. This is a serious competitor to STM32C0 family whose lowest cost MCU is the STM32C011J4M6 at $0.4313/10k. The battle for the lowest-cost Cortex-M is on.
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