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Renesas on all cylinders




Renesas was firing on all cylinders this month with no less than 3 groups getting new products, from the RL78 to the RA and the Synergy (Cortex-M).TI continues to spin new part numbers in its MSPM0 and give ST a fight on the market for low cost 32 bit MCUs. Welcome to the summer!

Infineon added a handful of variants to existing products in the FM4 family.
This month, Microchip added over 100 parts in the AVR16DD, AVR32DD and AVR64DD families, designed for Multi-Voltage Analog Applications. There were also VAO (Automotive compliant) variants of the DSPIC33CK families.
No change.
No change.
NXP announced the LPC86x last month, a cost-effective 60 MHz Cortex-M0+ MCU with up to 64KB of Flash and 8 KB SRAM.
Price is around $1 in low quantities.
The 16 MHz RL78/G16 is general-purpose family, with capacitive touch channels. It embeds functional safety-compliant hardware to support the acquisition of IEC/UL60730 certification, the safety standard for home appliances. In addition, it has a high precision (±1.0%) high-speed on-chip oscillator, data flash, a serial interface, and a analog comparator. The RL78/G16 IDE is available with an evaluation board.
120 products were added.
In the Synergy family, 9 product were obsoleted (S124) while the S3/5/7 gained 12 part numbers.
In the RA group (Cortex-M) the RA4T1 was launched with 15 products. It is based on a 100MHz Cortex-M33 core with TrustZone.
The RA4T1 group offers optimized peripherals for motor control and inverter control functions with small 32-pin QFN and LQFP package options. The RA4T1 integrates CAN FD, I3C, SCI and SPI, covering all the connectivity needs of a range of motor control and consumer applications. Overall, RA got 100 more parts.
No change.
ST Microelectronics
ST continues its pause this month after a frenetic beginning of the year when it overhauled its STM porfolio of MCUs with the retirement (NRND) of virtually all of its STM8 parts. This is the result of the STM32C0 announcement a couple of months ago, their lowest cost 32 MCU that cannibalized the STM8. This is a bold move that allows customers to upgrade easily to a slew of options in the STM32 portfolio.
Texas Instruments
TI continues to beef up its MSPM0 family. These are ultra low cost Cortex-M0+ running at 32 MHz.
We see additional variants, but no lower cost product than earlier released:
The porfolio starts at $0.38/1ku with 16kB/2kB of Flash/RAM, 2 UART, 2 I2C, 1 SPI and a temperarure range of -40 to 125C. This is a serious competitor to STM32C0 family whose lowest cost MCU is the STM32C011J4M6 at $0.4313/10k. The battle for the low-costest Cortex-M is on.
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